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      An honest customer service oriented company

     I have spent the last 25 years at an industrial electronics company in Nashville, learning how to build, troubleshoot and design big back up power (UPS) systems for factories. I have played the guitar for more years than that, and have made various mini inventions throughout my life to make things easier. At an early age I was interested in electronics and solar power. Now after almost fifty years of life, all these things add up to GreenBand-iT (GBT).
      My goal is to take the best of all I've learned, and turn it into a company that can both earn myself a decent living, and help others use their own clean energy, while helping both the environment and our country become energy independent, one gig at a time.

WHY GreenBand-iT?
 GBT power supplies are special made for professional music equipment. BEWARE of many other portable power supplies on the web that use cheap Modified Sine-Wave inverters as they will cause noise in most audio systems, and ghosting in most video systems. They'll tell you in the manual that if you have noise it's because your device has a low quality filter circuit. Hogwash I tell ya - audio equipment is not designed to use a MSW inverter, nor will it be.  EVERY PA board and guitar amp I've tested has some noise from an MSW inverter, some are hideous, and most still have some noise with a straight Pure Sine-Wave inverter. It takes special filtering to make this work and I've got it down.