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Made in the good ole USA!

GBT solar has partnered up with Silent Standby Power Systems Company (SSPS) in Rivera Beach Florida. SSPS offers various models ranging in price from $1200 to $20,000, and in size from 750watts @ 115vac, to 36kw 3 phase 220vac, and they call it the INDOOR GENERATOR.
They build systems for use in homes and businesses, as well as portable systems that can be used in remote areas where normal power is not available.
We can take advantage of their expertise and get the perfect system for our needs. With the newest Outback inverter we can start small, and add power to the inverter, battery bank, and solar panel array as time and budgets permit.

Currently there is a 30% tax credit for the solar option. Hard to pass up on that!

Check out the products tab on this site or go straight to the source at INDOORGENERATOR.COM