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GBT Solar

      is the Builder of the GreenBand-iT Product Lines

   and a Distributor for the

GBT solar specializes in portable power for the music and entertainment industry. BEWARE of other portable solar systems as most use a cheap MSW inverter which causes noise in audio systems, and ghosting in video systems. Making pro audio and video work well takes a pure sine-wave inverter AND special filtering circuits that are included in all GBT portable products.

GBT is an authorized distributor for the UL listed INDOORGENERATOR line of back up power products for inside your home built right here in the good ole USA. These products are built to look like furniture so they blend right in to your home.
GBT has designed its own GreenBand-iT line of solar rechargeable portable power supplies aimed specifically for remote gigs in the music and video industries where sensitive audio and video equipment are used. A DC solar rechargeable foot pedal supply has also been developed specifically for green minded guitar players who want to free themselves from stage power cords, hum, popping, and noise.

You can reach GBT at 615-732-3100 and talk to a real person! (well, me anyway). I am looking forward to helping you GO SOLAR with free power! You can also contact me at jonathan@greenband-it.com if you don't like to talk to people.

I'm an engineer with a desire to help and a dream to build, not a salesman, so there's no hard sell here. I want to help everyone better understand the use and limits of solar power, and help you on your way to being part of the energy independence solution.

GBT was established in early 2011 to develop my portable solar power supplies for sale as encouraged by friends and family. Late in 2011 I became a distributor of the INDOOR GENERATOR product line as it compliments what I am building, and they make a great product using safe UL listed components. My specialty is in the area of power electronics, with a passion for music and solar power. 

Call or email me to start the conversation. If you are in the Middle Tennessee area I will come to your home or business and help you understand solar backup power, my products, and help you figure out what, if anything, is right for your situation.
GBT is my baby, and unlike most other companies these days, at GBT you will receive superb customer service, and you will not walk away from me unhappy or thinking you've been ripped off.