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Take your party to the woods with a GreenBand-iT

     Get rid of that stinky, noisy, and heavy gasoline generator and run your band, wedding, or party with clean, quiet solar charged battery power! Systems are sized according to your power needs, and how long you want to run. Basic systems are designed for a single amp, up to a loud kickin rock & roll metal band ....in the middle of nowhere. Add solar panels and you can run all day long without draining the batteries, then run on into the night.
     The difference between everyone else and GBT is that my systems are all pure sine-wave output and use special additional filtering designed to keep sensitive audio equipment NOISE FREE and video equipment GHOST FREE. Power amps also require special pre-charge circuits to keep those nasty current surges under control.

*No mechanical parts
*No toxic carbon monoxide or dioxide emissions when running and solar charged
*Quiet operation
*Attractive and custom packaging
*Easy and safe transportation in a car - no gas spillage
*Modular design allows one person to transport
*Easy start up
*Special filtering to stop noise in audio and ghosting in video equipment
*Soft start for heavy power amps
*Will NOT output damaging voltage surges like a generator can
*Multiple charging sources - sun, wind, exercise bike, 115vac outlet
*Rentals come fully charged from solar power
*Extra batteries and / or solar panel extend run time as needed
*Advertise that you use green energy and set yourself apart from the pack


400w peak, 200w avg for 4 hours for 4 hours. This will run you guitar or bass amp for a whole gig. Why buy a cheezy sounding battery powered amp when you can use your favorite amplifier anywhere you want!


GBPS-4-1500: 1500 peak, 400w avg for 4 hours. Packed up in a Road Runner case this looks like a regular piece of gigging equipment and will run a 4 piece jazz or country band for a 4 hour gig by the bonfire, at the river bank, on the beach... you figure it out. Batteries can be pulled out for easy carry, then reassembled with keyed easy to use plugs.


GBPS-4-3000: 3000w peak, 800w for 4 hours.This will run a cranking Rock & Roll or metal band for 4 hours, plus some LED lights to keep the food or keg in sight.

You can take it apart, carry all the pieces by yourself, put it in your car, reassemble it, and roll it to wherever you want the power. Uses keyed plugs so even spaced out roadies can do it!

All units have a plug for solar panel input, or extra batteries so you can really run as long as you want, that is if you buy or rent more batteries.

Custom designs are available adding your band or company colors and logo on the unit.
Make your gig stand out by using GreenBand-iT and some Solar Panels!

I will come to your first gig to help make sure you know how to use it. See Service