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GPPS foot pedal power is the 1st GreenBand-iT product

     5 years ago I got tired of running a power cord out to my pedal rig or replacing 9v batteries all the time and I made my own DC power supply using several series AA batteries through a voltage regulator to run all my pedals. This invention grew into a solar rechargeable system that can run my pedal rig for about 14 hours, and my power hungry rig has 6 pedals, a NADY wireless receiver, and a small mixer.

* No more 9v batteries
* No power cord to your rig on stage
* Short circuit protected and self healing
* No Popping when other pedals turn on and no hum from fluorescent lights
* Cut rig wires to length and screw into plug - small screwdriver included
* Actual manual , in English, with print large enough to read
* Voltmeter to read actual voltage on plug BEFORE you put it into your pedal
* Input jack to measure other wallwart voltages and polarities
* Includes 6 plug wires
* Doubling up in the connector gives you up to 12 pedal connections!

     The product I sell has many initial versions because I really don't know the needs or desires of everyone. Right now, if you want to buy one, pay for my gas or feed me and I'll come to your house and help you set it up! Heck, I'll build you one with your bands name or company logo on it! Try to get that service from a music store! Check out the different models below and contact me.


The GPPS-1

     This is the original GreenBand-iT GPPS. It takes a 12v rechargeable battery input, and has 6 separately fused and filtered 9vdc outputs for your pedals. No popping when any pedal is turned on, ZERO hum since there's no AC 60hz power. With a standard 12v solar rechargeable alarm panel battery this will keep ten pedals running for a weekends worth of gigs. NO MORE 9V BATTERIES!

     This baby has a new fancy smancy digital voltmeter. Have Green, Red, and Blue LED versions. Same as the first otherwise. Needs an external battery and charging device. You can use your own battery, charger or solar panel, or I can sell you one.

     This is the same as both above only its built in a mini road case. Battery plugs into bottom left, pedals into the right side. Both plugs can be removed so your rig can stay all connected if you pull out this supply for any reason.
     The connectors have a screw to tighten in wires so you can cut wires to length and redo them as many times as you want. 6 pigtail wires will be supplied with the standard unit, more if you ask. Just contact me.

Basic            Block  Diagram

Battery option for GPPS-1
Use your own 12v battery, or order a VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) or Lion (Lithium Ion) from GBT. I'll match it with the charger and regulator so there's no guess work for those of you not familiar with this type of equipment. Contact me and I'll get you familiar.

115vac Charger for GPPS-1
Use your own 12v battery charger to match your battery, or order a solar charger from GBT along with your pedal power supply. I'll match it with the battery and regulator so there's no guess work for those of you not familiar with this type of equipment. Contact me and I'll get you familiar.

Solar panel for GPPS-1
Use your own 5-15watt panel if you already have one for maintaining a battery. A 5w will need most of a week of sun to recharge, the 15w I supply will need less than 2 days of sun to recharge a weekend of gigging.


The GPPS-2 has an internal 4ah VRLA battery, and can be charged with any VRLA 2 stage charger of .5 amps or less. Or course I'll sell you the one pictured below. You can also use a solar panel, but there's no internal charge regulator so you'll have to keep an eye on the voltage if you have a solar panel much bigger than 10watts. Have questions or doubts? Contact me.

115vac Charger for GPPS-2
Use a .5amp 12v battery charger to match the internal battery, or order this charger from GBT along with your pedal power supply. It'll match the battery and regulator so there's no guess work for those of you not familiar with this type of equipment. Contact me and I'll get you familiar.


The GPPS-4 has it all. Pedal voltage regulator, internal charge regulator, solar panel, internal Lion batteries, and external Lion charger. All you need to do is charge it and play!


This GPPS-5D is a solar panel charge regulator that will keep your larger solar panel from overcharging the 4ah VRLA or 2.5ah Lion batteries. It may be needed for the GPPS-1 or GPPS-2 systems if your solar panel is more than 10 watts and you don't want to worry about watching the battery voltage throughout the week.
This circuitry is included inside the GPPS-4 package so you can plug in any solar panel up to 200watts with a 45vdc OCV. What the heck does all that mean? Contact me and I'll tell ya.